Telephone Banking

Your account information is just a call away with our new Telephone Banking system! The telephone banking system allows you to access information over the phone on your various deposit accounts, as well as loan information. You can even transfer money between your deposit accounts anytime you want, 24/7. Whether you are at the office, home, or in your car….all you need to do is dial the number below!

To access Telephone Banking, dial 215.788.5270

Features & Benefits

  • Verify Account Balances

  • Verify Account Transfers

  • Verify Loan Account Details

  • Transfer Between Checking and Savings Accounts

  • Report a lost or stolen Debit Mastercard® or Visa® Rewards Credit Card

  • Plus more!

Enrollment Steps

The first time you call you will be asked for your member ID number (earliest established member number), social security number and date of birth to enroll in our new telephone banking system. To maintain confidentiality, you will be prompted to set up your 6-digit PIN (personal identification number) during the first call. To gain access to your account information after enrollment you will be asked for your PIN each time you call in.